Why Kaipi ?

We are a swiss coding company

We code your design at great prices.

Outsourcing is cost-efficient

Allocate your resources to what you do best.
We take care of the coding.

Our costs are transparent

Our price calculator allows you to estimate costs for your designs at any time. You can produce quotes for your clients without even contacting us.

With Kaipi, you know the deadlines

Our deadlines are transparent: you know deadlines even before starting your project.

Transmitting your designs has never been easier

Our portal helps partners to transfer their designs efficiently and thoroughly. Log in, complete the relevant form and submit your work within minutes.

Our costs are just amazing

We put in place a working system that allows us deliver high-quality websites efficiently while minimizing costs.

We install coded websites on any hosting provider

On request, we can install the finished website on the hosting provider you indicated.

We are efficient

No long meetings. No long calls. Focus your limited time on expanding your business and on what you do best.

We are a team of young, flexible, and caring people

Our medium size structure allows us to be flexible, reactive, and efficient.